Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chalk Paint Retro Table Makeover

I know you might look at this little chest of drawers and not think much about it but part of the reason I love it so much is for the memories that come to mind every time I look at it.  

Growing up when we would visit my grandparent's house my "room" to stay in previously belonged to my most favoritest aunt and this table sat beside the bed.  Over the years I would admire the table and wish it was mine but never asked for it because at like 9 years old where am I going to put it?  

Things changed though when I had my own home and I started pestering my grandma to let me buy it or have it and I even contemplated stealing it a few times.  She'd hardly notice it was missing I'm sure.  Sadly her answer was always "not yet, honey".  Then one day during a visit I asked yet again and she said YES!!!  I didn't care if I was going to have to leave my son behind in Ohio I was making sure this little chest of drawers had a seat in our car to get it home to North Carolina!  

Several years later the little chest of drawers was still sitting in the same spot and had never been painted even though I had it filled with craft supplies in my office area and used it daily.  I would walk by it literally 20 times a day and the thought would cross my mind that I should paint it but I couldn't decide on the color.  I thought about gray and then I thought about green and then I thought about coral and then I thought about blue and then I thought about see my dilemma.  

I just couldn't decide on a color but then my pal Jennifer at Delightfully Noted started posting lots and lots of beautiful photos of her dresser she painted using Martha Stewart Vintage Chalk paint and I was in lve.

The only photo I have of my little chest of drawers is this one and it isn't a very good one.  I had already taken everything out of the drawers and sanded it and removed the handles and then I realized I hadn't photographed it so I raced around putting it back together so I could snap one photo.  Ahhh, this blogging isn't for the faint of heart.  The struggle is real my friends!

Still the dresser sat for almost a year and I finally bit the bullet and bought some Martha Stewart Chalk Paint in Eucalyptus and the rest is history. I didn't care for the paint at all compared to other chalk paints but the color was amazing and I knew it would pop on my black and white striped wall.

There it is!  Do you hear Angels singling like I do when you look at this beauty?
I sanded the heck out of this little chest of drawers before applying the paint which I highly recommend doing with any piece of furniture you plan to paint, especially with older pieces that have probably been painted numerous times.  
The one thing I didn't care for with the Martha Stewart paint was how many coats it needed to get coverage.  I painted about 4 heavy coats and even then I debated about doing a 5th coat.  Most chalk paints I have used aren't like that at all.  This one is also a dryer consistency and seems to drag more.  If I hadn't loved the color so much I would have switched to DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint in a heartbeat but I'm no quitter so I muscled through it.
Once the paint dried really really well I used Minwax Clear Furniture Wax and did several coats to protect it from wear and tear.  Jennifer said she noticed how easily the paint chipped so I also wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to repaint the whole thing every couple weeks since I'm a little OCD and can't stand things to not be just so.  An unplanned chip of paint might send me to a padded room with me pulling my hair out.

I really debated about doing new drawer pulls but there was just something about the original wood handles that made me want to try using them.

It really is a pretty color green.  At first I was worried it was going to be a sage green color or a little too mint green but it apparently just didn't have enough coats on it.
I didn't want to paint the insides of the drawers but I also didn't want to have the drawers look unfinished when pulled out so I used DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint in Retro to do the sides and backs of the drawers.  This way it's something a bit unexpected when you open them.
I lightly sanded the handles and then used the Minwax on them and buffed them to a high shine and they are beautiful now!  I'm so glad I ended up keeping them instead of trying to find something different.

Jennifer says she "overgrams" her chest of drawers and now I see why because I pretty much want to share these photos with anyone that will look at them!

I'm over the moon with this little chest of drawers and love that it has such a special place in my heart because of all the memories of it in my grandma's house.
Don't mind the cords under the dresser.  Forgot about those until I added this photo to the post.  Ooops!  It's still pretty though!

Friday, January 22, 2016

rolling shelves out of wooden storage crates

I have always aspired to be a handy girl and be able to build things and use power tools and all that.  I even have a small collection of  power tools and my very own tool box and have a decent knowledge of how to do things but I have never really built anything.  I suppose this is kind of cheating but it feels like the first thing I've built and I'm so excited. 

You know those wooden crates you see at every craft store and home improvement center?  Well, I love them!  If you remember I made a book case out of them for my son's room and they have held up great and give him a ton of good storage.  Well, in my office area/photo shoot space I was running out of storage so I was brainstorming some ideas when I thought of these crates and how I could "build" a storage area and also have a surface for setting up photo shoots.  I ran off to Home Depot and started gathering my supplies and after about 25 trips to Home Depot to get things I kept forgetting I finally built my storage unit and I love, love, love it!
 To Make one of your very own you will need:
Wooden Crates from any craft or home improvement store
Wood Stain
2 inch swivel Casters (wheels)
4 Corner Braces per crate (I used 2 inch braces)
Mending Plates to hook the shelves together (I used 3 inch plates)
1/2 inch wood screws (unless you buy kits and they already have them)
3/4 inch wood screws (unless you buy kits and they already have them)
To make these you will want to sand the crates first and then apply wood stain.  I used Ebony by Minwax and loved the color it came out.  I only did one coat because I wanted more of a rustic look but you could go for several coats if you wanted something darker.  I used an old t-shirt to rub it on and then let it dry well.  For cracks and crevices I used an old paint brush to really get the stain in those hard to reach areas.

Once the crates were dry I added the corner braces to the inside of each corner.  These serve no purpose other than adding some detail so you could certainly skip this step if you wanted to.
After the braces were in place I chose the side of the crate I wanted for the bottom "Shelf" and screwed the casters into place.  Because my caster plates were too wide to fit on one plank of the crate I moved them a bit further back and attached them to 2 planks instead.  I think this will make sense when you do yours.
I made the mistake the first time and got casters that didn't swivel which wouldn't work for what I needed so back to Home Depot for the swivel ones. To save yourself the trip make sure you get the swivel style if you intend to move your shelves around.  You could also get locking casters but I chose not to go that far.
Once the casters have been attached to the bottom 2 crates you are ready to add your mending plates to link the top and bottom together.  I made sure the crates were lined up and then drilled the holes for the plates and attached them to the two crates to keep them linked together.  I did 2 of them on each corner but could have used three to add one more in the center of the crates but now that things are inside the crates they are very sturdy.  If you wanted to make sure they were extra sturdy feel free to add the third one in the center.
I didn't link mine together side by side because I will probably be moving them around.  If you wanted to keep them in place and don't really plan on moving them you could add mending plates to link the crates together side by side too.
This will be perfect for storing my laptop, ipad, camera equipment, laminator and so much more!  Because of the slates I can also slip cords down through and you don't see those floating around either.
Now I'm ready to build something else!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pom Pom Tree Garland

When out shopping for the holidays I saw this beautiful pom pom garland at Pottery Barn but it was all white and my tree is flocked so the white blends in too much.  But, it got me thinking about how easy it would be to make my own!  
 This is a very easy project that anyone can do if you can thread a needle.
You will need:
Lots and lots of pom poms in any color you’d like
Clear beading line or a heavy clear thread.  I used Beadalon
Sharp Needle
Beads in any color and size you’d like just make sure your needle will fit through the opening
Lots of time!
*All the supplies for mine came from Hobby Lobby
Thread your need and just start adding the pom poms and beads in any pattern you’d like.  It doesn’t all have to be uniform like mine is but I’m a matchy matchy type girl so of course mine needed to be a pattern so it all matched.
 I used clear, silver and pearl beads along with white/silver pom poms and red pom poms to create my garland and the metallic bits in the pom poms glitter beautifully with the tree lights on.
 The clear beads also help catch the light and make the garland shimmer.
 Other than being time consuming this project is super simple to create!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Joy to the World Globe Makeover

If you are a Silhouette or Cricut user then you need to be stalking following Cutting for Business!  She has the best information and does great free downloads that are commercial use friendly.  

I saw her post on Instagram of a globe that she made and was all over it.  I just thought it was so simple and pretty so I got a mini globe and spray painted it black and then cut out the vinyl using her free download and that was it.  Simple and sweet.  Since making the first one I've done another that was a bit larger but still considered mini.  I have found the globes for under $8 at Home Goods or Marshall's but you for sure could look at thrift stores. 

 To download the file go HERE
Take the globe apart and paint the "ball" portion of the globe.  I painted mine with spray paint that had a satin finish but you could use chalkboard paint or some other type of paint that you brush on.  Once the globe is dry reassemble it and then cut out the wording and holly leaf and pick a spot where you want it and apply.  That is it.  So simple but so pretty!

 The second one I made was a wooden base and it looked great with the black globe but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Just letting you know that this looks good with all different bases.

 Joy to the World!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bath and Body Works Candle Lids into Ornaments

I buy a ton of 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works (especially this time of year) and always hate throwing away the lids. It seems like such a waste when they are the pretty ones like they are this season on the holiday candles.  I always save them but rarely ever use them again but this season I decided to make tree ornaments out of them and it couldn't be easier!  So simple and yet they look so glittery and shiny on the Christmas tree.  

  The snowflake design on this year's candle lids is perfect to reuse it as a Christmas tree ornament.  

 To make yours you will need:
3 wick candle lids or another similar sized lid 
Drill and drill bits
Stickers or some type of embellishment
Decorative paper
Strong adhesive like E6000 or Hot Glue
 I didn't take photos of the process so I will just quickly tell you how I did mine.  Very simple to do!

Start by removing as much of the rubber ring on the bottom side of the lids.  I couldn't get mine completely off so I just used scissors to cut it way down.

Pick a ribbon you want to use and then choose a drill bit that isn't too small or too big for that ribbon to fit through.

Choose a spot on the lid you are using and drill your hole.  These wanted to jump around a bit when I first put the drill bit on them so make sure you hold them tight.  It does take a bit to get the drill bit all the way through but don't give up.

Once the hole is drilled put your ribbon through it and tie a knot at the top and cut the ribbon ends on an angle so they don't fray.  

Now take your decorative paper and make your circles.  For mine I made them 4 inches and you can use your Silhouette or Cricut to cut them out or you can just trace the lid and use scissors to cut them out.

Once the circles are cut out add your embellishments.  I just kept mine very simple and used chalkboard stickers but you could do so much with these!

Now it's time for you to glue in the circles to the back side of the lid.  I put the E6000 all around the rim of my paper circles and then pressed them into the bottom of the lid.  I let them dry completely before moving them and they have held up great.

If you are adding rhinestones you will need to do that with a tiny bit of adhesive.  I used E6000 and they have not moved at all since I put them on.  I just bought mine from the scrapbook section at a craft store and they have a bit of adhesive on them but not strong enough to hold them on for a long time.  I used one on each point of the flat spots of the snowflake and then one in the center. 

Be sure to let everything dry completely before hanging on your tree.
 Simple to create but they just add a lot of sparkle on the tree when the lights hit them.

I did several different designs for the back side of my ornaments.  
You wouldn't really even have to add anything to the back of the lid if you didn't want to because they really don't spin around too much at all.
Don't you just love a simple upcycle project?  I know I do!

Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Elf on the Shelf is back!

Roy is here again!  It's been a fun few days since he got here to spend a few days with us.  I am sure there will be lots more fun happening around our house with our rotten little elf before Christmas Day so stay tuned.

I also hope you will start to share your Elf on the Shelf photos on Instagram using the tag #showmeyourelf2015.  There are quite a few of you sharing pics and I look forward to seeing what your elves are up to each day.
 This is for Instagram users.  I would love for you to tag the pics on Facebook too but for sure use the tag on Instagram if you have an elf that you photograph and share.

 Our little Roy showed up on December 1st through a magic elf door that he now has.

 Roy also brought a Balloon elf to celebrate his arrival.

 Roy is mapping out a shopping trip for him and Santa to make for Christmas gifts.  

 Looks like he has all the good shopping spots marked on our globe.

 Shop till you drop!

 Roy clearly doesn't know that NO one messes with my morning coffee and most especially not my coffee maker.  He was trying hard to fix it though.
 You think?

Oh Roy, you silly elf!

 Well Roy, thanks for creeping us all out!  When I saw what he had done I thought our son would find this hilarious but instead he couldn't stand walking into the kitchen because he said it was so creepy.
 The cabinets have EYES!  Yikes...I guess Roy is really watching this year.


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