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About Us

Itsybitsypaperblog is an information sharing platform, created to provide useful ideas on personal care, home decoration, and creative Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas. We have a pool of experts who share their views about issues and common challenges faced from an individual level to organizational level. Through our blog posts, we try to link the gaps between personal well-being and efficient utilization of resources for better livelihoods. We have high-quality reading materials that draw together pieces from across our articles, share tips and reveal DIY tricks for our audience to improve their lives.

We have a role to challenge, support, and inspire change so that we can transform lives through advanced knowledge sharing. We work with various experts including researchers, editors, and writers to understand and uncover the limiting factors that hinder information sharing. We recognize people are ‘hungry’ for useful and problem-solving information, and therefore we ensure they get it at the right time. We also work closely with other like-minded partners to identify barriers to the flow of information. We capture the skills learned, and then focus on valuable research that will change someone’s life out there.

We welcome our readers to leave their comments to enable us to improve on the exchange of ideas. Through the comments, we can improve on various areas and also help us to identify more valuable information.