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Can Wall Hung Toilet be an Alternative to Traditional Style Toilets?

  • by blogitsybitsypaper

The wall hung toilets are popularly used in hotels, bars, and restaurants. That is why many people think that these toilet styles are specifically designed for those places. However, more designs have emerged on the market and people can choose from a wide range of wall hung toilet models. The two basic categories of toilets are floor mounted and wall mounted, with the difference fairly simple; floor mounted means that the toilet is installed on the floor while wall mounted toilets are installed on the wall with the tank concealed on the wall.

The floor mounted toilets are usually said to be the traditional models, especially in the US where the wall mounted toilets are not popular. However, these wall mounted toilets are getting a rapid recognition in America for the last few years. Although both of them perform a similar function, their core features and installation process differentiates them. Of course, most of us are familiar with the wall-mounted toilet concept, but we understand little about what actually they are. Some people perceive them as disgusting toilet models.

Benefits of Wall Hung Toilets

Space saving

The element of saving space is a major consideration of installing the wall mounted toilet in your bathroom. The other traditional floor toilets tend to occupy a bigger space, therefore being unsuitable for relatively smaller spaces. Actually, the wall-mounted toilets do not take up any space and could be the best choice to make your bathroom look bigger.

Ability to adjust height during installation

This is interesting because you can decide what height is fit for you. When installing a wall-mounted toilet, you can first identify the comfortable height for all your family members. This is vital because many of the traditional toilets do not put into account the needs of tall and aged individuals. With the wall mounted toilet, you can ensure that the toilet is installed at the best height for the best interest of all users.

Easy-to-clean toilets

Due to the fact that the wall-mounted toilets are not attached to the ground, cleaning becomes easier compared to when cleaning a traditional toilet. You do not need to bend when cleaning a wall mounted toilet. There is also a space between the floor and the toilet, allowing you to clean the area beneath the bowl easily. In short, cleaning the toilet itself and the surrounding is just easy due to the installation nature of the toilet.

The water tank is hidden

During the installation process, the tank is usually concealed behind the wall. This makes the toilet appear sleek and simple compared to the traditional models. Your toilet is never congested and could be the best if you have a small bathroom. It is also a nice toilet model that eliminates the traditional style of bathrooms. It brings a simple and beautiful look in your bathroom and the house in general. Additionally, the concealing of the tank is just sophisticated. This reflects the investment worthiness and could elevate the resale value of the house.

A wide range of options

In addition to the modest nature of the wall-mounted toilets, they also come in a wide variety of options to choose from. You select softer and gentle curves, rounded edges, square shaped, or sharper lined toilet styles. Due to the availability of different tastes, you can choose what suits your needs, as well as personal taste and preference.

What about the shortcomings? As much as these wall mounted toilets have many benefits, they also possess some serious disadvantages.

First, they are difficult to install. The installation process of a wall-mounted toilet requires special materials to prevent damaging the wall. Given the significant weight of the toilet, you need also to reinforce the wall to prevent pulling down. This means that there is much hassling while to trying to secure the toilet on the wall. Therefore, it is a time-consuming task with a relatively higher cost implications.

Second, you need to install the toilet on a firm wall. This comes together with the issue of framing, which may require bolting steel frames to the studs in order to hold the water tank in position. This is important to prevent the tank from falling out of the installed position.

Third, once you have installed the toilet it is important to leave adequate accessibility when the repair work is needed. The wall should be accessed from the bathroom or from a different room behind it. That is why installation may not be as difficult as remodeling or replacing the toilet. This is because a lot of designing, redesigning, and switching drains is involved.


Even though there are a few disadvantages of using wall-hung toilets, the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. There is more to gain from the toilets. Based on the design perspective, the wall mounted toilets offer a contemporary, aesthetic, and sleek appearance to a bathroom.