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Give Office Chair a Whole Comfort and Reduce Your Back Pain!

  • by blogitsybitsypaper

An office chair that does not provide enough back support may lead to intensive stress on the user’s back. Those who work in offices are usually affected because the lumbosacral discs experience more weight when sitting than when a person is standing. Therefore, a chair without a back support may cause poor posture, which leads to immense stress on the joints and soft tissues of the spine. According to office health studies, many people who work in offices may either increase or cause lower back pain.


Apart from sitting in a poorly designed office chair, today’s lifestyle involves prolonged sitting habits. Whether commuting to and from work, watching children’s soccer games, watching TV at home, or working with a computer at home. Such period of prolonged sitting leads to bad posture development such as slouching and hunching over in the chair.  When you shift your weight forward, the stress on the joints, tissues, and discs increase. This creates muscle pain and tension in the lower back. That is why an office chair with adequate lumbar back support is always recommended.

The lower part of the spine above the buttocks usually curves inward while sitting. Due to that lordotic curve, a chair with a lumbar back support enhances good posture by filling the space between the seat and the lumbar spine, thus promoting the inward curve of the spine. If a chair lacks proper lumbar back support, it becomes almost impossible to maintain the right posture. This means the spine and lower back muscles will be working harder to support an appropriate alignment and curvature.

Eventually, your body gets tired and the muscles weaken. They will no longer be able to hold the spine in the right position. In turn, the upper back and the head start leaning forward to compensate the weak muscles. The end result will be a tendency of slouching or leaning forward. So, a good chair with appropriate lumbar back support helps to relieve the muscles from keeping the natural spine curve. This lumbar back support is typically vital for those who sit in office chairs for hours.

DIY Ideas to Make Your Office Chair More Comfortable

In addition to having an office chair with adequate lower back support, there are other ways to ensure that the chair offers more comfort. Comfort is the core aspect of consideration in reducing back pain. Since many office workers sit for a long period of time behind their computers, it is important to have a chair that offers correct support for the neck and back.

Always practice sitting properly

Health experts recommend sitting up and sitting straight while ensuring the feet are on the floor. This promotes proper sitting posture, which can help to eliminate various back pain related issues. Of course, you need to choose the right chair. But it is important to check your sitting habit even before checking features of a chair you want to buy.

Make adjustments to the chair to suit you

Office workers have different tasks to perform using their computers. There are those who spend many hours reading and replying emails while others spend the entire day typing documents. With such diversity in working settings, you need to adjust an office chair to suit your activities. Spare some of your precious time to adjust the seat, height, back, and arms. However, the adjustments may depend on what you are doing on a daily basis.

Consider additional back support

If the chair is not providing adequate lumbar support, you can consider adding a back support, which is attached to the back of the chair. It fits into the curvature of your back while supporting the specific area required. With this additional support, more padding is also provided. Instead of adding a back support, you can choose to buy those high-end office chairs with an adjustable built-in back support.

Consider adding a footrest under a computer desk

Your feet also require a proper sitting position. This can be achieved by adding a footrest under your desk, which provides a correct sitting posture. Additionally, the footrest can enhance proper circulation and back alignment.

Consider an Office Chair with Adjustable Arms

Many office workers overlook the aspect of armrests when buying new office chairs. However, the type of chair arms is an important factor that influences your comfort when sitting in your chair. Therefore, having adjustable arms provide adequate support to your arms and eliminate stress on the shoulder muscles.

Check if the chair is designed for you

Most of the chairs in the market are designed for normal persons – with the normal height and weight. However, people are different and a chair that is fit for you may not be suitable for another person. If you have extra pounds or you are taller than average, look for chairs that are designed for such people. The models usually have wider seats and larger cylinders.