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DIY Shower Heads – How to Customize Your Shower Head for Better Bathing Experience

  • by blogitsybitsypaper

If you interact with various real estate agents, perhaps you have heard them say a good bathroom adds a resale value of any home. This simply tells you how important a bathroom is, especially in our modern homes today. However, what if you have no plans to sell your home anytime soon and you want a great bathroom for you and your family? It is simple; start by customizing and upgrading the shower fixtures because they make an amazing bathroom.


Upgrading, improving, or overhauling your shower fixtures is the best way to enhance your bathing experience. A relaxing shower is just enough after a tough day because it unwinds and rejuvenates the entire body. A bracing shower in every morning marks a good day kickstart. There is nothing in the bathroom that surpasses a luxurious and revitalizing shower, which is only achieved by having practical and quality showerheads. A custom shower is tailored to meet your needs and tastes, without pricey expenses down the line. After all, showers are the least expensive upgrades in a home.

Many people nowadays prefer relaxing warm showers, especially during the chilly winters. To enhance this experience, a few upgrades or an entire makeover on the shower can do the trick.

Let us look at some of the DIY overhauls and other major improvements you can do to your already existing shower system.

Consider Showerhead Replacement

One of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance your bathing experience is through replacing your showerhead. In addition to being the most straightforward, it also the cheapest method to improve your shower experience. This is because there is a wide range of showerheads on the market, which allows people to choose based on their needs. This also allows major customization of bathing experience just by replacing the showerhead. Interestingly, you will not require a professional plumber to assist in the replacement process. It is a DIY thing because the models come with a step-by-step installation manual.

Consider Addition of a Handheld Shower

If your bathroom’s bath bay or bathtub has no shower, it is time to consider adding a handheld shower. Of course, some of the old versioned houses lack showers. But this does not mean you cannot enjoy a relaxing shower just like in any modern home. Simply look for a handheld shower and equip your bathroom. The installation process is a DIY. It is a simple upgrade that does not require expert plumbing skills. It also important to understand that having a handheld shower allows you to direct a water jet to all areas of your body hassle-free. This means a handheld shower is also a good method to improve your shower experience even if you have an in-ceiling showerhead.

Replace Outdated Faucet and Shower System

When you are really in need of a relaxing shower experience, you may be required to replace the showerhead, outdated faucet, and water control elements. This is usually essential if you bought an old house that requires major improvement. However, DIY may be possible for those who have had done a similar job before. For those who may not be able to handle the task, calling a local plumber can save you time for tiled showers. Additionally, some costly mistakes can be avoided by getting assistance from a professional. For the old homes with two handle faucets, you can choose to use a cover plate to hide the holes in the tile.

Add an Overhead Rain Head

Addition of rain head to showers is popular shower improvement ways among many homeowners. This is because people are in need of experiencing a rain-like shower rather than the traditional shower jet. However, some extra plumbing is required to take water up the ceiling. Therefore, it may not be a DIY task to some of the homeowners and therefore calling a plumber can save you the hassle.


Install Shower Columns and Panels

Installing shower columns and panels offers price economy and ease of installation. The element of saving money comes in due to the combination of several plumbing features into a shower panel. Apart from saving money on buying each fixture, you are likely to save more time on installation. This is great for a DIY approach as well as a homeowner who would want to hire a bathroom remodeler specialist.

Go for Custom Shower Systems

For those who are intending to replace their shower systems with more complex options, they will probably require a professional plumbing expert. The options are endless depending on what you want. In addition to having body sprays and multiple heads, the shower system can include special lighting and sound systems. Whether you want to replace just the showerhead or change the entire system, the improvement will eventually enhance your bathing experience.