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Maximize Your Hand-Crafting Productivity

  • by blogitsybitsypaper

People working in the hand-crafting business know how relaxing and enjoyable their work can be. At the time, it can be stressful and incredibly bad for your health too. Working with your hands is something that relaxes your mind and gives you availability to spend some time with yourself and be alone with your thoughts. That’s why people who work this are most often very happy and full of life.

However, nothing in life has only good sides. Hand-crafting causes serious injuries and pains in the back and the joints of the craftsmen. That’s why it’s important for these people to always keep the right posture. To help to do this, craftsmen must sit the right way which is not always easy. With time, the focus is deeply on the work and the worker simply forgets about its posture. They need something to help with keeping it.

There are many ways to help the craftsmen with this problem. One and the most successful in the fight against the pain in the back and in the joints is the massage cushion. Massage cushions are excellent because they can be placed on every chair. That means the worker can keep its personal chair which gives the best focus and enjoyment.

How does massage cushions work?


The technology has gone a long way today. Massage cushions are a part of this process and companies producing them have managed to do some incredible changes over the years. They have created massage cushions that are simply amazing and do a fabulous job.

Massage cushions can be placed on any chair. Depending on the type and the options, they can do some stunning work on your body. Most of the cushions are connected to a remote control that gives a signal to it. That’s how the user can choose which parts need to be massaged first. If some parts need no massage, like the upper back, or the legs, the user won’t give an order to the massager for massaging these parts.

Inside the massage cushion is a system working on electricity that creates vibrations. That’s how the cushion massages the user. They can be also used as a reminder for the craftsman to remain its posture and prevent the back pain.

How to best use the massage cushions?

The best way is the way you most like it. There’s no strict rule. Some people love them because they can work while the massager is relaxing them. Of course, if you’re working something delicate, you won’t be able to do a great job as the massager will do vibrations that make the hands shake. So if you need to do something smaller and precise, you’ll need to turn the massager off.

Of course, there’s no problem with turning it off and on as much as you like it. This means you can turn it on for a long time and then turn it off to do something that needs more concentration, focus, and peace. When you finish it, turn it on again and continue doing the rest of the things that don’t require so much concentration.

Other people simply don’t like working while the massage cushions are turned on. They need a lot of focus and the massager only break the concentration. They use them after the job is done. There’s nothing better than turning the massage cushion on after completing a huge order and just relax by reading a book, watching a movie, or just looking out the window.

Who can benefit from cushion massagers?

People working in hand-crafting always have a problem with pain in the back and the joints. They are not the only ones, however. Musicians, writers, people working in offices from 9 to 5, and a lot of other people spending a lot of time in chairs can highly benefit from the massage cushions. They are easy to mount and are even more simple to use. Everyone suffering from pain the back and that have a need for keeping a good posture should get one.


The best solution for maximizing your hand-crafting productivity is definitely the massage cushion. It will keep you prepared for the big order and will keep you relaxed after you finish it. Once you start using it, you’ll see that the number of items you used to complete before will rise to a completely different level. You’ll be able to work more, feel less pain, and be way more productive than before.

Don’t expect the pain to just go away. Be sure that as time goes, the pain will only become greater and harder to handle. Act now and do something about the pain. This will help you raise your productivity.