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Women’s Styling Tips at Home (Top DIY Activities at Home)

  • by blogitsybitsypaper

You are beautiful and sexy no matter how you style your hair. Every woman has her own taste and preference when it comes to grooming, and that is why there is a wide range of styling tools to meet the needs of every modern woman out there. Having a few tools at home can be a good idea, especially if you are a 9-5 employee. The most important thing is to know how to use the tools and achieve a charming hairstyle without stepping out of your home.

Let us look at some of the hair styling tips every woman needs to know:

Understand Your Hair Type

If you know your hair texture and type, you will choose the best hair product and ensure that your hair remains healthy when styling. This is an important trick, though it may seem too obvious. Identifying the type of hair is not an easy task. According to many hair styling gurus, knowing your hair type and texture is the most important step before you begin weeding through various products.

Determine Your Hair Type

The hair type is easily determined by its follicle. All hair follicles vary in thickness, size, and shape, which is a genetic variation. There are three main hair types; fine, medium, and thick. However, some people may have a combination of all the types. To determine your hair type, use an elastic band to wrap the hair in a ponytail. If the band can be wrapped only once, it is a clear indication that the hair is thick. If it wraps twice or thrice, the hair is medium, and if it wraps several times the hair is thin.

Blow Drying Your Hair

In order to achieve a great and long-lasting blowout, you need to learn the basics. Making the best blowout is one of the critical abilities a woman can ever do. It may not be as good as how a stylist guru can do, but it can be made to look pretty good. So, use a high wattage ceramic blow dryer. This prevents frizzing while creating a smooth and shiny finish. Note that the use of high-quality dryer will offer a steady flow of heat, thus sealing the hair cuticle and allow quick drying.

Blow Drying Straight or Wavy Hair

Pat moisture out using a towel to dry the hair, but ensuring you do not rub the towel against the hair. Slightly dry the ends of the hair until it is a bit damp. Divide the hair into small sections and clip them, leaving one section to start with. Pick a round brush to lift the hair while directing the dryer from the hair roots to the ends of the hair. Spin the brush when you reach the ends in order to seal the hair cuticles for a shiny finish. Use a shine serum to rub through the hair.

Blow Drying Coarse or Curly Hair

Once you get out of the shower, do not dry towel the hair. This is because the coarser and curly hair is best blow-dried when it is wet. Use a smoothing cream, divide the hair into manageable sections, and clip them. Pick a flat paddle brush to stretch the hair while aiming hot hair at the hair root towards the ends of the hair. For a more precise finish, direct the heat flow using the nozzle attachment. However, it is not recommended to blow dry hair on a daily basis because the heat exposure may dry your hair excessively.

Curling Your Hair

For those who have slightly wavy or straight hair, they are likely to admire other women with cozy curls. Therefore, it is important to know how to make good hair curls. First, you need to look for a ceramic curling iron because it can heat hair from the roots to the ends. But the best iron should have heat adjustment feature so that you can change temperature based on your hair type. Second, it is recommended to apply some mousse when beginning with a wet hair and then use your hands while drying the hair for a better texture.

How to Use Hot Air Brushes

First, heat up the brush up to the suitable temperature. Using the brush immediately may lead to uneven looks or take too much time.

Second, divide your hair into sections rather than running the brush randomly through the hair. However, do not make too thin sections because the brush may damage your hair.

Third, start brushing from the roots to the ends gently. This helps not only to achieve a smooth finish but also increases the hair volume. You can even use a volumizing spray or foam to add more hair volume.

Lastly, before pulling the brush out, let it cool for about 10 seconds while the hair is wrapped around it. Most of the new hot airbrushes come with a ‘cool’ button, allowing you to cool it down automatically. This allows the formation of defined curls.